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We know at TOPSPIN how passionate table tennis players are about their sport and TOPSPIN are equally passionate about bringing to you world class table tennis products used and endorsed by some of the best table tennis players in the world.

TOPSPIN can not guarantee that you will play like the stars of World Table Tennis but you can rest assured that the quality of the products available at TOPSPIN will be the same as used by the professionals which will allow you to concentrate on all the other factors that make table tennis such an exciting and fun sport.

Photo of Jan Ove Waldner

Jan Ove Waldner

Olympic Champion
6- times World Champion
11-times European Champion
7-times European Top 12 winner
2-times World Cup Winner.


BladeWalnder Senso Carbon
Forehand RubberBluefire M1
Backhand Rubber Acuda S1

Photo of Jorgen Persson

Jörgen Persson

5-times World Champion
9-times European Champion
European Top 12 Winner
World Cup Winner.


BladePersson Power Carbon
Forehand RubberAcuda S1
Backhand RubberSonex JP Gold

Photo of Li Ping

Li Ping

World Champion in mixed doubles 2009
Singapore Open Runner Up 2007
Chinese National Team Player.


BladeOvcharov Senso V1
Forehand RubberBaracuda
Backhand RubberBaracuda

Photo of Dima Ovtcharov

Dima Ovtcharov

London 2012 Olympics Men’s Singles and Team Bronze Medal Winner
World Ranked no. 6 – July 2013


BladeOvtcharov Senso V1 Blade
Forehand RubberBluefire M1
Backhand RubberBluefire M1

Photo of Patrick Baum

Patrick Baum

European Men’s Singles Runner Up 2011 & 2012
World ranked no. 21 – July 2013


BladeBaum Esprit
Forehand RubberBluefire M1
Backhand RubberBluefire M1

Photo of Mikael Appelgren

Mikael Appelgren

European & World Veterans over 50 Champion


BladeAppelgren Allplay V1
Forehand RubberBluefire M3
Backhand RubberBluefire M3

Photo of Alexandra Scheld

Alexandra Scheld

3-times German Champion Ladies Double (2003, 2005, 2008)
Third place German Championships Ladies Singles (2008)
German Champion Mixed (2003)


BladeWaldner Senso Carbon
Forehand RubberAcuda S1 Turbo
Backhand RubberAcuda S1 Turbo

Photo of Wang Xi

Wang Xi

Highest win percentage in German Bundesleague 2008, 2009 & 2010


BladeDefplay Senso
Forehand RubberTraction MS Pro
Backhand RubberTraction MS Pro

Photo of Stefan Fetzner

Stefan Fetzner

World Champion Mens Doubles 1989


BladeBurn OFF
Forehand RubberBluefire M2
Backhand RubberBluefire M2

Photo of Kiril Skachkov

Kiril Skachkov

2nd in Europe Top 12 2012


BladeWaldner Senso Carbon
Forehand RubberBluefire M1
Backhand RubberBluefire M1

Photo of Katarina Michajlova

Katarina Michajlova

3 times German Universities Champion 2011


Forehand RubberBaracuda
Backhand RubberBaxster D25

Photo of Monika Molnar

Monika Molnar

Serbian Ladies Champion 2011 & 2012


BladeWalnder Senso Carbon
Forehand RubberCoppa X2
Backhand RubberCoppa X2

Photo of Anna Janta-Lipinska

Anna Janta-Lipinska

Polish Doubles Champion 2010 & 2011


BladeWalnder Senso Carbon
Forehand RubberCoppa X1 Turbo
Backhand RubberCoppa X1 Turbo

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