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**SALE ITEM** The covering ply is constructed of Japanese Hinoki, supplemented with a middle layer of Koto. A Dotec mesh lies between the Japanese Hinoki and the middle Koto layer. The core consists of 5.0 mm Dotec-Balsa. Playing Characteristics: The insertion of the legendary Japanese Hinoki wood, in combination with Balsa and Koto plies, has been a unique advance by DONIC Dotec technology. The result is a blade for players of every ability, with top speed and fantastic feeling

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Product Specs

  • Donic Persson Dotec OFF Table Tennis Blade
  • Control 7+ Speed 9,
  • Weight 75G, 7 ply (5 + 2)
  • Elasticity Nearly Stiff.
  • Blade comes with either Right or Left handed grip. The innovative DOTEC RANGE handle is slightly curved in such a way to suit the grip of either a left handed or right handed player.

Blade Advice

Getting the right table tennis blade to suit your style of play is essential to enable you to play your best table tennis. We recommend reading our online guide on some of the factors to consider when choosing your table tennis blade

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| 2016-07-04 | 5 Stars

| 2016-07-04 | 5 Stars