Newgy Robo Bag

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Practical storage and carrying bag for Robo-Pong tt-robots.
Robo-Tote is also a great storage case to protect your Robo-Pong from dust, dirt and scratches.
The ROBO-PONG 2055 and 3050XL can be folded up including the net and securely placed into the strong ROBO TOTE BAG.
With the soft carry ROBO-TOTE, the robot can be transported safely to any destination and be set up again to play in minutes.
Also fits Robo-Pong models without the recycling Net System.

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Product Specs

  • Newgy Robo Bag
  • Size: approx. 85 x 30 x 36cm

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Reviews of Robo Bag

why call it robobag when it there is nothing robot about it!
| 2014-05-20 | 1 Stars