Donic Bluestorm Z1 Turbo

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Technically strong, uncompromising attackers.
A powerhouse! The best dynamics in the Bluestorm series. A significantly thinner topsheet that is under a higher level of tension provides extra space for a thicker sponge, which allows for even more power. The thickest version is called max+ because it is
slightly thicker than the sponge used on the traditional Max versions. The Bluestorm offers highly dynamic properties that you really notice, along with excellent spin and speed.

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Product Specs

  • Control: 6-
  • Speed: 11
  • Spin: 10+++
  • Hardness: Medium++
  • Surface: spin-elastic
  • Characteristics: OFF, OFF +
  • Technology: Pimpled rubber under a high level of tension on a dynamic blue sponge. The hardest sponge in the Bluestorm series with a hardness of 50°.

Rubber Advice

Along with your choice of table tennis blade your choice of table tennis rubber determines the playing characteristics of your bat. There is a vast selection of table tennis rubbers available on the market and below are some of the factors that may be worth considering before choosing your table tennis rubbers

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