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Nittaku FastArc G1 Table Tennis Rubber
FastArc G-1 is a fast rubber with excellent rotation and high accuracy for aggressive offensive players.
Designed to work near the table and for players who attach great importance to the first ball in rotation.
The Fastarc G-1 has the most power of the series. It's a very direct and to the point rubber. All offensive strokes from fast drives at the table to long distance counterlooping are executed with high precision. The hardest and fastest of range.

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Product Specs

  • Nittaku FastArc G1 Table Tennis Rubber
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Surface: Smooth pimple in
  • Control: 6-
  • Speed: 10+
  • Spin: 10+
  • Sponge thickness: 2.0mm
  • Recommended for attacking players who like to play both close and half distance from the table.

Rubber Advice

Along with your choice of table tennis blade your choice of table tennis rubber determines the playing characteristics of your bat. There is a vast selection of table tennis rubbers available on the market and below are some of the factors that may be worth considering before choosing your table tennis rubbers

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Reviews of Nittaku FastArc G1

been using this rubber now for the last 3 seasons. perfect for my style, attacking close at the table and a great feel away from the table for effective lobbing. also a great durability and lasts longer than tenergy
chris cockburn | 2018-10-22 | 5 Stars