Sanwei Gear Hyper 37

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Sanwei Gear Hyper 37 Table Tennis Rubber
The latest rubber development from Sanwei.
Just available in May 2020 the Gear Hyper is a combination of non-sticky top rubber sheet with medium hard mousse cake textured sponge.
The top-sheet produces outstanding tension and spin qualities and the medium hard sponge assures firm and direct speed qualities.
Perfectly balanced rubber with enough speed and spin when attacking yet also great control when playing passively.
37 degrees hardness.

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Product Specs

  • Sanwei Gear Hyper 37 Table Tennis Rubber
  • Hardness: 37 degrees - Medium
  • Control: 8+
  • Speed: 8+
  • Spin: 10++
  • Colour: Red or Black
  • Rubber sheet: Smooth, non-tacky
  • Recommend for controlled attacking players, counter attackers and blockers.

Rubber Advice

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