Donic Waldner Flex III Shoes - White

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Donic Waldner Flex III Specialist Table Tennis Shoe. Updated version of the popular Waldner Flex II shoe. The unique design incorporating an especially non-slip sole and the use of a higher percentage of natural rubber ensure even better grip. The upper nylon mesh material allows the foot to breathe and is extremely comfortable to wear.
Although the DONIC Waldner Flex III is light and flexible, the shoe retains perfect balance, even with the most demanding of movement.

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  • DONIC Waldner Flex III Table Tennis Shoe
  • Colour: white-cyan-black
  • Sizes: 36 to 47 **Please contact us if your size is not displayed and we can order in.
  • SIZING GUIDE - 36-UK3.5, 37-UK4, 38-UK5, 39-UK5.5, 40-UK6.5, 41-UK7, 42-UK8, 43-UK9, 44-UK9.5, 45-UK10.5, 46-UK11, 47-UK12

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